Harris Hess is the new marketing resource model. Fully equipped, simple and efficient.

We offer our clients what’s been missing in all the overwhelm: clearly defined, commonsensible strategies that cut through all the clamor and get results.  

Marketing solutions that fit your business and your budget. 









        Harris Hess 

        41 York Street,

        Portland, Maine 04101 





Four powerful, professional marketing solutions.
Each custom-built to fit any business.


Full Service. Full Spectrum. 

HH Compass functions as your customized marketing department on stand-by, ready to spring into action as needed.  Flexing in response to your changing needs, we strategically weave together a customized plan that gets the job done on time and on budget.

HH Compass is your home for full campaigns, refreshed branding, in-depth concepting, market analysis, revamped and coordinated promotional materials, websites, logo and signage, design, media or research. We provide you with the type of game-changing marketing that sets savvy businesses ahead of the competition.  All available on your schedule, at your convenience.  There’s no cumbersome retainer, so you pay for exactly what you need – no more, no less – as you go. 





Affordable. Flexible. 

HH Project  delivers professional marketing services for single, multiple, large or small projects, on an easy and affordable project-by-project basis.  This is your most efficient route to a new logo, business card, website, brochure or print ad. Just drop off your project at our convenient Old Port location and consider it done.






Added Power.

HH Integrate injects high-level, specialized marketing capabilities and skills right into your existing marketing staffing and projects.  HH Integrate is a huge advantage during those pivotal and stressful times when internal capabilities are stretched and staff is under the gun.  We can turbo charge your existing marketing team or easily install a self-contained team to pull off the level of strategic planning, campaign development, market research, product roll-out or grand opening that you've envisioned. We enable an efficient, seamless process that allows you to make deadlines, reach goals and produce marketing projects with impact.




Efficient Momentum.

HH Offsite handles every facet of your marketing on a contractual basis.  You can count on us to steadily build your brand and keep the momentum going through customized, ever-evolving, stand-out positioning.   We partner with you to ensure that your objectives, timelines, and budget are met; and we stay apprised of market conditions so that we can keep you one step ahead of your competition.  Your private, customized, marketing department. 

Why Harris Hess


  • Say Goodbye To Overwhelm 

Fierce competition and dizzying options are the new norm in business. We cut through the clutter with custom curated strategies and a rich inventory of services, all tailored to your specific priorities.  You can access superbly fitting solutions that set your business apart from the competition via our four distinct, high impact service portals.      

  • Streamlined Convenience 

Before we came along, business owners didn’t have consistent access to the convenience we offer, paired with such a broad range of top level, well organized, adaptable, streamlined marketing support.

  • Today Is A New Era

    •  Outdated Views on Marketing 
      • why don't we just do the "let's-try-it-out-and-see-if-it-works" marketing plan?
      • marketing services are too hard to locate, inflexible or expensive!
      • We'll need to contract with a large advertising agency 
      • Let's just make do with a sub-par solution at a retail outlet
      • We can just try some Do-It-Yourself marketing
      • Let's ask around if anyone knows a referral


  • Today's New Views on Marketing
    • All we have to do is bring our budget and our goals and meet with Harris Hess to discuss our options. 
    • I love social media, but I really need to get back to building the business and managing my staff.  I'm going to get some help that I can afford. 
    • Rather than 'reacting' to poor sales or negative client feedback telling me something is wrong with  my business, I proactively stay ahead of my competition with excellent branding, good strategy, beautiful design and smart media choices that allow me to hold my edge on my market AND let's me know my marketing is professionally managed for the most impact for my investment. 
    • Effective marketing that gets me increased share of my market and is within my budget, feels good and is great for my business. 


  • Partnership + Efficiency + Impact = Harris Hess

We are the best of both worlds. We've enhanced the tried and true traditional marketing agency paradigm with greater flexibility, diversified talent, and a more collaborative spirit.

We're firmly rooted enough to weather the storms of change, adaptable enough to meet the constantly shifting demands of your ever-evolving marketplace. 


  • Get Back Your Time

In addition to spot-on marketing solutions, we deliver the simple, yet hard-won gift of time. Time to reflect, regroup and refocus on your business, confident that you now have a solid marketing plan, with us as your partner.   

We provide relaxed, deep breaths and the best sleep aid there is.... peace of mind. 



While each of our clients benefit from marketing services produced specifically for them by the best professionals in the business, the all-important details, contacts, efficiency,  quality and project momentum are coordinated and monitored by Marketing Strategist and Principal Beth Harris Hess. Beth manages all client work and services management from our offices at Engine Room, in Portland, Maine's historic Old Port. 

Learn more about Beth HERE.




We wanted only the best collaborating professionals to producing services for our clients.  

We got them.


Independent marketing professionals and traditional agencies routinely draw from a roster of top freelance professionals for help with client work.  This informal cooperative process has been a successful marketing standard for generations.

Harris Hess has simply formalized this long and wonderful tradition of top-notch teamwork by hand-picking the finest freelance talent available to provide our services. 

Some of our collaborative services include branding, creative, research, digital and traditional media, website design/optimization, production, photography and graphic design.  

When clients discover our accessible location,  efficient structure, custom curated solutions and our best-in-the-business collaborating professionals, it seems that right off, they see that we are a huge asset. 

We couldn't be more excited. 


We work in a pretty progressive part of the world.

Portland, Maine, a thriving New England seaport town, is enjoying a vigorous creative, cultural and commercial renaissance.Situated amid all this beautifully stimulating richness, we are surrounded but the elevated inspiration and insight that is so integral to well-envisioned, well-crafted, truly influential marketing. Harris Hess located at Engine Room  - 41 York Street, Old Port District, Portland, Maine 04101 

What we believe



A well-defined brand paired with solidly on-point marketing produces an immediate, visceral and effortless understanding by the market. 





Well-conceived marketing exudes a seamless, simple and effective brand message that doesn't have to be pounded into the market to be heard. Thoughtful, precise strategies communicate brands clearly --without undue repetition, noise or excessive spending. 




Well-crafted concepts and attention to detail really do matter. Marketing must flow seamlessly through media, design, content, digital, websites -- all channels. Relentless consistency is key. 




Marketing is as fundamental to running a business as book-keeping is. It's time for businesses of all sizes and shapes to have the support and access they need, for this necessary and powerful part of doing business. It's time for business to enjoy flexibility, choice and efficiency with all marketing services from a trusted source that delivers easy access, personalized attention with services delivered by outstanding professionals. 






Classic brand identity and influence is well worth the investment of time, aptitude and budget.   Brand sustainability is directly related to smart, grounded, foundational marketing.





Brand elements are integral to every aspect of every enterprise.  They are not easy to see, but they are there to discover and share with potential customers.  Marketing pros know where to find brand elements so essential in differentiating one business from the next (and the next…) Like our thinking? Learn more about our Philosophy. 

Check out HH Magazine


Please visit HH Magazine, for our seasoned take on interesting, helpful and just plain inspiring information. Varied topics that make professional life richer. Ideas that may inform next steps and new directions. News on important change- makers and visionaries who are evolving our commercial culture in exciting and powerful ways. 


Beth Harris Hess is Marketing Strategist and the Principal of Harris Hess, a full service, integrated marketing agency in Portland, Maine.

While each of our clients benefit from marketing services produced specifically for them by the best professionals in the business, the all-important details, contacts, efficiency,  quality and project momentum are coordinated and monitored by Marketing Strategist and Principal Beth Harris Hess. Beth manages all client work and services management from our offices at Engine Room, in Portland, Maine's historic Old Port.

Logging 25 years and counting in the marketing industry, Beth has worked with a wide range of clients.   These include non-profits, brick and mortal retail, corporate retail, wholesale national distribution, service industry, small entrepreneurial ventures, managerial experience within corporate marketing departments and national account work at a global ad agency on accounts such as Chevron Oil, Ford Motor Company, and 20th Century Fox. 

Beth's formal study zeroed in on Public Relations and Industrial Marketing and it forms a solid foundation for the management, coordination and smooth operation of her client work spanning branding, research, media, writing, strategy, design and creative and related professionals. 

Beth first cut into her career in the very colorful advertising world in San Francisco, accruing global client experience, national media and budget management at ad agency J. Walter Thompson in SF and NYC. Work in TV and Radio advertising was the springboard for more in-depth work within multiple corporate marketing settings. 

Born and raised in Silicon Valley, Beth saw it transform from tumbleweeds, apricot and plum orchards, to sprawling, massive business parks with names like Intel, Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems and Apple. Thanks to her father who worked at Lockheed Missiles and Space in the Bay Area's space industry, nightly, family dinner conversations often focused on the local and perfectly typical topics of missile guidance systems, logistical scheduling for the Apollo moon landing or space shuttle insulation tile designs.  This expansive influence, combined with the intense visionary and intellectual climate of Silicon Valley at that time, provided a rich environment to grow up and begin a career in.  Educated, confident, visionary and well informed solutions were then and remain today, the common way of life, growth and business in Bay Area culture.     

When it comes to conducting business 3 decades into her career, Beth still maintains a "Silicon Valley" strategic style and process that has been heavily influenced by the business culture of the Bay Area, but also from the many pivotal business leaders and visionaries of that region including, neighbor and Apple’s Founder, the late Steve Jobs.  With this kind of background, it’s not surprising that Beth is known as a well experienced marketer who has the nuanced vision to shepard clients to exciting successes, but does so from classically trained, solid business practices and sensibilities.  

Overall, with the mix of instinct-driven California awareness combined with down-to-earth New England pragmatism, Beth offers clients a unique and powerful brand of marketing expertise.  She invites trust and confidence with her genuine approach, dives easily into the heart of her clients’ concerns, and delivers high impact marketing solutions at affordable rates.

While Beth travels frequently to Silicon Valley for family and business, she lives with her two boys in Cape Elizabeth, Maine where she enjoys beach life, sailboat racing, hiking, cooking, landscape design, and celebrating New England's four seasons.   


Formal Training

California State University, Chico. Public Relations, Industrial Marketing, Business Administration. 

Community Contributions

Beth serves the community on a number of Boards of Directors in Maine for organizations that work to strengthen community, assist neighbors in crisis and enhance education. 

Beth has been fortunate to work with some incredible brands

J. Walter Thompson, Sprint, Ford, Chevron, Northern California Broadcasters Association, Major Market Television, Legal Systems Services Corporation, Solstice Corporation, The Hive Kennebunk, Dr. Amy Wood PsyD., Cape Elizabeth Education Foundation CEEF, Arabica Coffee Company, Jay Sawyer Sculptor, Open Bench Project, KDB Wilderland  Go to Portfolio

"Wonderful things happen when people know that we have their back, that we've tamed marketing overwhelm into an efficient and effective force that grows their business." 

-Beth Harris Hess, Marketing Strategist and Principal of Harris Hess.

Our passion is creating wonderfully impactful work that manifests our clients vision.

To explore more ways we can help evolve your business to become what you have envisioned, give us a call or fill in the form below and we'll get right back to you. We can discuss objectives, options and opportunities that are within reach. No hard sell.  Ever. 

Plus, your first meeting is on us. 

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A central, convenient location in Portland’s Old Port/ 41 York Street, Portland, Maine at Engine Room.


The deep well of creative talent at Engine Room provides a rich pool of inspiration and experience.  Some of the most accomplished and well regarded creative, design and marketing talent practice at the Engine Room and it's no mistake that clients benefit from this core accessibility and alliance.

From the onset, the founders of Engine Room have envisioned a curated office environment where member business contribute to the creative energy and momentum (vibe) we've established. Our goal isn't simply to "fill the space," but rather to attract businesses from various creative endeavors whose owners recognize the value in cross-pollination, collaboration and the sharing of ideas. See members of Engine Room.