Beth Harris Hess is Marketing Strategist and the Principal of Harris Hess, a full service, integrated marketing agency in Portland, Maine.

While each of our clients benefit from marketing services produced specifically for them by the best professionals in the business, the all-important details, contacts, efficiency,  quality and project momentum are coordinated and monitored by Marketing Strategist and Principal Beth Harris Hess. Beth manages all client work and services management from our offices at Engine Room, in Portland, Maine's historic Old Port.

Logging 25 years and counting in the marketing industry, Beth has worked with a wide range of clients.   These include non-profits, brick and mortal retail, corporate retail, wholesale national distribution, service industry, small entrepreneurial ventures, managerial experience within corporate marketing departments and national account work at a global ad agency on accounts such as Chevron Oil, Ford Motor Company, and 20th Century Fox. 

Beth's formal study zeroed in on Public Relations and Industrial Marketing and it forms a solid foundation for the management, coordination and smooth operation of her client work spanning branding, research, media, writing, strategy, design and creative and related professionals. 

Beth first cut into her career in the very colorful advertising world in San Francisco, accruing global client experience, national media and budget management at ad agency J. Walter Thompson in SF and NYC. Work in TV and Radio advertising was the springboard for more in-depth work within multiple corporate marketing settings. 

Born and raised in Silicon Valley, Beth saw it transform from tumbleweeds, apricot and plum orchards, to sprawling, massive business parks with names like Intel, Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems and Apple. Thanks to her father who worked at Lockheed Missiles and Space in the Bay Area's space industry, nightly, family dinner conversations often focused on the local and perfectly typical topics of missile guidance systems, logistical scheduling for the Apollo moon landing or space shuttle insulation tile designs.  This expansive influence, combined with the intense visionary and intellectual climate of Silicon Valley at that time, provided a rich environment to grow up and begin a career in.  Educated, confident, visionary and well informed solutions were then and remain today, the common way of life, growth and business in Bay Area culture.     

When it comes to conducting business 3 decades into her career, Beth still maintains a "Silicon Valley" strategic style and process that has been heavily influenced by the business culture of the Bay Area, but also from the many pivotal business leaders and visionaries of that region including, neighbor and Apple’s Founder, the late Steve Jobs.  With this kind of background, it’s not surprising that Beth is known as a well experienced marketer who has the nuanced vision to shepard clients to exciting successes, but does so from classically trained, solid business practices and sensibilities.  

Overall, with the mix of instinct-driven California awareness combined with down-to-earth New England pragmatism, Beth offers clients a unique and powerful brand of marketing expertise.  She invites trust and confidence with her genuine approach, dives easily into the heart of her clients’ concerns, and delivers high impact marketing solutions at affordable rates.

While Beth travels frequently to Silicon Valley for family and business, she lives with her two boys in Cape Elizabeth, Maine where she enjoys beach life, sailboat racing, hiking, cooking, landscape design, and celebrating New England's four seasons.   


Formal Training

California State University, Chico. Public Relations, Industrial Marketing, Business Administration. 

Community Contributions

Beth serves the community on a number of Boards of Directors in Maine for organizations that work to strengthen community, assist neighbors in crisis and enhance education. 

Beth has been fortunate to work with some incredible brands

J. Walter Thompson, Sprint, Ford, Chevron, Northern California Broadcasters Association, Major Market Television, Legal Systems Services Corporation, Solstice Corporation, The Hive Kennebunk, Dr. Amy Wood PsyD., Cape Elizabeth Education Foundation CEEF, Arabica Coffee Company, Jay Sawyer Sculptor, Open Bench Project, KDB Wilderland  Go to Portfolio

"Wonderful things happen when people know that we have their back, that we've tamed marketing overwhelm into an efficient and effective force that grows their business." 

-Beth Harris Hess, Marketing Strategist and Principal of Harris Hess.