Ideas on branding.

We all have a brand, like it or not. 

In business, a brand is a business'  personality.  Like they do for a person, the big things and the little things all add up to create a public persona and character that is the sum of all the moving parts.  Those things need to be planned and attended to, not left to chance. Especially in business. 

In every way and I mean in each way that your company touches the public, it conveys your brand. 

From the obvious things like how staff treats customers/clients, the design and style of signage, the quality of products, the location of stores/ buildings, right down to employees uniforms...all convey the company's larger 'brand' identity to your market.  

Even subtle things like how employees answer the phone,  what colors are consistent in logos, what designs or words are on products or sales materials, which typeface is used and how customer service is handled, are all pieces of information that inform your customers on just who your company is.  Whether they are intentional, or all too often, unintentional ways, companies display priorities, style, responsibilities and objectives in these small ways. When branding aspects are ad hoc, of inconsistent style or left to chance with many uncoordinated aspects, the brand feels hectic and confusing. I think we all know a brand or two with this issue?

An important question to ponder: Is the market currently seeing the fully developed aspects of your brand?  If not, it's time to consider working to explore the more distinct, compelling qualities that lie under the more obvious surface of you brand.  The benefits are indisputable. 

Branding not easy, but there is a process and guidance that can expose your brand's depth,  untapped strengths and unique character which will be it's timeless and true framework on which to build future evolution. 

What your market believes to be the truth about your company is well within your control to design and deliver to your preferred market, within a budget. Regardless of the size of the business, small retail store or large corporate industry and all definitions in between, taking the time and budget to discovering and incorporating a brand's WHY into every aspect of a brand, delivers a future from being one in the crowd, yelling over the chatter and din of competition, into a stand alone, unique entity, with a clear and interesting depth and a full spectrum of character.  A brand that enjoys acceptance, celebration and loyalty from customers. 

By taking the time to professionally explore, discover, identify, organize and convey the truth and characteristics of a brand with a good plan, to the appropriate market, in impactful ways, is the best investment a brand can make in it's future.  

I hope we can work together soon, to discover the depth and potential of your brand. 

Beth Harris Hess


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Beth Harris Hess

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