Business’ easily accessible, local and convenient resource for all individual marketing projects.


"Beth came up with the brilliant cover concept for my best-selling book. Thanks to her creativity and innovation, people tell me over and over that my book stands out and grabs attention from the shelf in all the right ways. Beth is a rare professional: very talented and also easy to work with. Harris Hess knows how to increase visibility -- and that's a tough skill to master in our crowded marketplace. If you want to get an edge on the competition and put your business on the map, Beth at Harris Hess is your person."

-Amy Wood, Psy.D.

Flexible. Convenient. 

HH Project is a completely new (and soon to be much loved) marketing project resource. HH Project delivers professional marketing services for single, multiple, large or small projects, on an easy and affordable project by project basis. A logo design, website design or updating, business cards, photography, promotion layout or printing, a new sign or print ad?   All projects are seamlessly executed by marketing professionals,  expertly managed from intake to completion at our convenient Old Port location. Drop off your project and you can actually return to work, assured that an inspired, efficient and beautiful solution will be on time and on budget. 

New Solution.

No longer are the only options to hunting down a good freelancer, to let the magazine decide on the design of your ad, to take your small, routine projects to an expensive agency, or DIY your projects at a chain retailer. Each HH Project, 'project'  is managed in our convenient Old Port office. HH Project provides business with a professional resource for all marketing project work. Executed locally, professionally, on time and within budget.  The new solution to business’ project marketing needs.