Your private, customized, offsite marketing department.



"I am inspired daily by the innovation and vision of  my client businesses.  Now more than ever before in the history of commerce, marketing is overwhelming, expensive and complex."

Beth Harris Hess


Simplicity. Effectiveness.  

HH Offsite provides clients with a fully dedicated, convenient, professional, off-site, marketing base of operations. Imagine....all marketing efforts, details and deadlines, well organized, on budget, professionally planned, transparent, beautifully executed, coordinated, attentively managed and optimized for efficiency.  No surprises. No more guessing. No more overwhelm. No last minute, DIY marketing projects. No marketing staff overhead costs. All services fully customizable and flexible to your needs and budget. 

Momentum and Assurance.

Working closely with our clients, we handle the all details of marketing, keeping to client objectives, timelines and budgets. With regular reports and interaction, HH Offsite is efficient, professional and effective. We ensure that momentum is maintained, deadlines are met and opportunities are optimized, day after day.  Providing a very welcome alternative to sporadic or expensive in-house marketing efforts which can come with high marketing staff overhead costs.  

HH Offsite deliver wonderful peace of mind.  A contracted, intelligent, professional choice for optimal consistency and marketing impact. Simplicity and efficiency. Conveniently located in Portland's Old Port.