Professional collaboration = power.



"Beth is a terrific partner; helpful, collaborative and fun to work with. Altogether a consummate professional who raised everyone's game and took delight in finding creative media solutions using her buying expertise."

-Larry Rinaldi
President, founder at 
O. N. A. / China "Office for New Advertising"


Power on call.

HH Integrate literally delivers to clients' door, inspiration, experience and specialty professional leadership in responsive ways. HH Integrate provides the strong framework, supporting a full range of marketing services delivered to clients on-site, ensuring a professional process, efficient project trajectory and a successful result. 

Team or Solo.

Our professionals can focus on projects independently or easily fold seamlessly into existing client staff, greatly enhancing project continuity.  We can fill in the gaps in staff experience or professional speciality, to create a robust, nimble in-house team that can productively respond to a new business launch, new locations or new product launches, branding, logo creation or re-branding, strategy, research, design or production.

Alternatively, if no client in-house team exists and a large marketing project is pending, HH Integrate can deliver a fully functional, turn-key team, on-site, to work with client staff to independently execute any of the above objectives, to name a few.

The New Efficiency.

Integrating specific, dedicated, tasked professionals directly into our client's on-site projects at specific times, then rotating in the next phase of professionals as progress dictates, is the efficient concept behind HH Integrate.  A fresh, new approach to executing and greatly enhancing in-house marketing projects that would benefit from management reaching outside of staff for specialized professionals, with specific areas of expertise.   With HH Integrate, business possesses a full spectrum of professionals, who are at the ready to amend or lead in-house marketing resources for superior creative, strategic and economic results. Read more about Harris Hess