Four powerful, professional marketing solutions.
Each custom-built to fit any business.


Full Service. Full Spectrum. 

HH Compass functions as your customized marketing department on stand-by, ready to spring into action as needed.  Flexing in response to your changing needs, we strategically weave together a customized plan that gets the job done on time and on budget.

HH Compass is your home for full campaigns, refreshed branding, in-depth concepting, market analysis, revamped and coordinated promotional materials, websites, logo and signage, design, media or research. We provide you with the type of game-changing marketing that sets savvy businesses ahead of the competition.  All available on your schedule, at your convenience.  There’s no cumbersome retainer, so you pay for exactly what you need – no more, no less – as you go. 





Affordable. Flexible. 

HH Project  delivers professional marketing services for single, multiple, large or small projects, on an easy and affordable project-by-project basis.  This is your most efficient route to a new logo, business card, website, brochure or print ad. Just drop off your project at our convenient Old Port location and consider it done.






Added Power.

HH Integrate injects high-level, specialized marketing capabilities and skills right into your existing marketing staffing and projects.  HH Integrate is a huge advantage during those pivotal and stressful times when internal capabilities are stretched and staff is under the gun.  We can turbo charge your existing marketing team or easily install a self-contained team to pull off the level of strategic planning, campaign development, market research, product roll-out or grand opening that you've envisioned. We enable an efficient, seamless process that allows you to make deadlines, reach goals and produce marketing projects with impact.




Efficient Momentum.

HH Offsite handles every facet of your marketing on a contractual basis.  You can count on us to steadily build your brand and keep the momentum going through customized, ever-evolving, stand-out positioning.   We partner with you to ensure that your objectives, timelines, and budget are met; and we stay apprised of market conditions so that we can keep you one step ahead of your competition.  Your private, customized, marketing department.