It was clear the market had unmet marketing needs. A lot of them.

Services and support within a marketing environment that's gaining speed everyday,  were missing or hard to locate. But so was flexibility, affordability and well fitting, custom solutions. There was more confusion than solution.

It was clear that it was time for a well structured alternative that delivered a custom fit. 

After researching the market, the competition and what was needed,  we designed a new resource, intentionally planned to be what the marketing was calling for, but did not have access to.  'Lean and mean' in structure but 'rich and robust' in services and talent.  All at one convenient location.  

Designed into our model, were four, easy to identify service portals that make clear which initial direction makes the most sense.   Each, easy to understand portal clearly guides to the most appropriate marketing direction.   Our portals are the first step in organizing efforts to address the distinct and varied needs of businesses of all sizes and marketing projects of all definitions.

We've curated a large, hand-picked pool of accomplished freelance professionals.  These independent partners collaborate with us across all marketing specialties. research, strategy, branding, graphic design, photography, traditional and digital media, web design and optimization, media and film production, writing and illustration.  We organized all of our services to run smoothly and efficiently, managed through a well organized process at our central Old Port location

Our lean structure, paired with our volume of powerful and creative freelance partnerships, provides top-level work combined with flexibility around clients' individual vision, timelines and budgets.  All excess is trimmed to deliver beautiful, closer-to-the-source client work.  We've taken the term 'value added' and prove it through our services every day. 

Our model delivers broader-than-traditional spectrum of marketing services , produced by some of the finest professionals in the business.  We feel strongly that managing all client work in-house at Harris Hess, guarantees high continuity, reliable follow through and great results. 

We set out to provide a well planned, simple and intuitive resource of unmatched variety, elasticity and peace of mind. Our clients seem to agree that we've succeeded, and we're just getting started.

"Wonderful things happen when people know that we have their back, that we've tamed marketing overwhelm into an efficient and effective force that grows their business. "
                                                                                                                           Beth Harris Hess

We provide: 

  • a simple, organized process for identifying appropriate marketing scenarios
  • an inventory of customized, high-level services by distinguished talent
  • carefully planned and beautifully executed work
  • resourcefulness within agreed-on budgets
  • innovative, scaleable and adaptable solutions
  • transparent and consistent communication about project progress 
  • responsibly directed projects and campaigns that eliminate surprises, excessive expenses and less than expected results